Orphanage Vist, Bailey's foster home and CHIN CHIN! · August 26, 2009

Today was a roller coaster of emotions.    We visited the Nanchang Social Welfare Institure (orphanage) this morning.  The ayis (nannies) greeted Bailey by name and off she went to visit with them.  They passed her around and gave her hugs and kisses and when they put her down she ran to the children.  Several hugged her and she took them by the hands and brought them to us as if she wanted them to see her new mommy and daddy.  It was very cute.  We wantched her play with her friends for about 20 mintues or so and then it was time to walk to the apartment building on the orphanage complex where Bailey lived with her foster family.  Three of her foster siblings were home and greeted us at the door.  Her foster mother was in the kitchen cooking and when she heard the kids yelling Bailey's Chinese name she came running.  I don't believe the orphanage had told her that we were coming because she looked very surprised by our visit.  She hugged, held and loved on Bailey the entire time we were there.  She showed us her home, where Bailey slept and then took Bailey to the kitchen for a snack.  She asked us (through our translator) to take good care of her and she was very pleased to hear that she has two sister and a brother waiting for her at home.  She was even more pleased when she learned that Bailey will have a chinese sister at home.  When it was time to leave I reached for Bailey and she got a little upset but her foster mother talked to her (I have no idea what she told her) and after a minute of two Bailey reached for us.  It is very obvious that Bailey was well cared for and very loved in her foster home and at the orphanage. 

We had planned to visit the Tengwang Pavillion this afternoon but our travel mates had to take their newly adopted daughter to the hospital due to a high fever so we will do that in the morning.  The good news is that the doctor at the hospital was able to provide them with some medicine for the baby and doesn't think it is anything serious.

We went for a long walk this evening and as we passed the park Bailey saw the kites.  She loved them!  We also visited the local Wal-Mart  (yes, this was our 3rd trip to Wal-Mart since Sunday) AGAIN.  We only needed two or three things but ended up staying for an hour or so.  It is Valentine's Day in China so there were men everywhere buying candy and flowers.  We spent quiet a bit of time in the food section today looking at all the strange items that were for sale.  At first we were totally overwhelmed by the smell but after a few mintes we were able to walk around and not get sick.  I hope you'll enjoy the photos from is more than a supermarket in China.  It is a great source of amusement, education and a wonderful chance to see life as it really is here in Nanchang.  

Bailey was a little somber all afternoon after our visit with her foster mother  but at dinner she was back to her old self.  We've been asking her for a "chin chin" (kiss)  for a day or so and tonight when Danny asked her she gave us both chin chins...not just once but several times!!!  She is such a sweetheart and I can't wait to see her with her brother and sisters.  She is going to keep them in stitches!

On a final is 8/26 in the USA right now so if you see Baker today wish him a Happy Birthday!   My time away from the kids is proving harder than I ever expected it to be.  I'm counting the days until I am home again with all my babies.    Enjoy the photos from today.

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