A day in the city · September 01, 2009

We had to hang out in our hotel room this morning and wait for our attorney's assitant to call and let us know that all went well at the consulate.  As it turns out, she needed to come by and have us sign yet another document so it was well after noon before we were able to leave the hotel.  We lunch with our travel mates at Lucy's and then decided to head across the street bridge to explore the rest of the market district. 

I'm always amazed at how much can be communicated with simple hand gestures and a sense of humor.  It helps that Danny never meets a stranger and is constantly making friends where ever we go.  Today I found him trying out the watermelon salesman's bike and  then just a few minutes later Bailey and I waited as he helped push a man carrying a heavy load on a bike up the street.  The locals seem to flock to him and for some reason they turn to me to translate when the big guy doesn't get what they are saying.  We have had a ball getting to know the locals and seeing what life in China is really like.  I hope you'll enjoy the photos from today.  They were all taken randomly as we walked around enjoying the sights, sounds and smells (ok, maybe not  all the smells) of Guangzhou!

Today Bailey changed.  Up until now she has enjoyed talking to the local shop keepers and waiters but today she started hiding her face and pretending not to understand Chinese when they would speak to her.  If they try to touch her she starts crying and wants mommy to hold her.  She refused to talk to our favorite shop keeper today and just yesterday she carried on an entire conversation with her and even told her that she hopes we have a tv at her new house.  The way she is acting reminds me so much of the way Brea reacts to ALL Asian women. 

Tonight is our last night at the White Swan.  We will attend our consulate ceremony tomorrow and then we will fly to Beijing.  On Thursday morning we will start the long trip home.   We have enjoyed our time here in China but we are ready to be home with our other children.  We miss them terribly.  Enjoy the photos from today.  Goodnight from Guangzhou!

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