Update-Increased Function!!!-March 7th · March 07, 2007


The transplant doctor can't explain it but I can...Brea has a bit more heart function even though her heart is even larger than before. Her ejection fraction (actually it was her shortening fraction) was 7 when she was airlifted here and on her echocardiogram yesterday it was 15!!! A normal healthy heart would be about a 30. This does not mean that she does not need a heart but it does mean that she may not need to go on a heart lung (ECMO) machine while she waits on her new heart. We of course are praying for continued improvement that we know God will provide if that is His plan! Miracles come in all forms and Brea's miracle could be in the form of a new heart or in the form of the healing of the heart she has. Wouldn't it be amazing if someone came to know the Lord because they witnessed a miracle with Brea's heart???

The other news for today was also good. Her UTI culture showed that Ecoli caused it and the antibiotic that she is already on is what the lab recommended to treat it so she is well on her way to getting over this UTI. Her Epinephrene was also turned off today and she tolerated it well. They increased one of her medicines to get rid of extra fluids and it looks like it is working since she has kept us busy with wet diapers all day! She continues to have some tummy troubles but the doctors are staying on top of it so we should have a "code brown" in the next little bit. Wink

This morning Brea was awake for a while while her Poppy (Godfather/Uncle) was here visiting her. She waved "Hi" to him, blew him a kiss and puckered up and made a smacking sound when he got ready to leave like she was trying to give a kiss. It brought tears to both of our eyes. Afterwards she was exhausted and has slept the rest of the day but for that brief couple of minutes I saw my precious little peanut being herself. It was the greatest gift and I am so thankful for those few minutes with her. Thank you Lord!

I'd like to thank everyone for their letters, cards, snacks, calls and drawings (my personal favorite Smile ) to decorate Brea's room. Learning that we had been denied Medicaid was a bit overwhelming especially since we know Brea will meet her lifetime maximum insurance benefits before we leave the hospital but we've always trusted in the Lord to provide for all our needs and I know that this is no exception. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Paypal contributions. They will be a huge help with meals, travel and hotels. I can't tell you how much it means to us that Anita has set up this account for Brea's medical expenses. Knowing that she will come home on 10-12 medications with no insurance coverage is just another way that Satan is trying to shake our faith but I'm stronger than that and what he didn't count on was the many prayers being said for this child, our family and our needs.

Many people have asked how they can help in a tangible way so I am going to copy and paste a message that our adoption agency has posted on their website to the bottom of this post. 

Please continue to pray for Brea. We can feel your prayers and everyone that walks into this room can tell that this is a child of God and there is a sense of peace and calm here that doesn't seem to exist in other places on this floor. The nurses all comment on how different families with faith handle these situations but my only answer is that I wouldn't want to walk without faith in this world. The footprints poem that we've all seen a thousand times is the story of my life right now because there are many times in the last weeks that I know the Lord has carried me when I couldn't walk.

Thank you Lord for another great day! As Psalm 37:5 says "Depend on the Lord; trust Him, and He will take care of you"

Goodnight from the CVICU at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

The following is copied and pasted from the Bethany Christian Services Adoption Agency Forum on 3/7/06:Dear Bethany Families:

As many of us are aware, Brea Wusterbarth (21 mos old), a newly adopted baby girl from China, is presently in the Cardiovascular Critical Care Unit at the Little Rock Children’s Hospital awaiting a heart transplant. I have spoken with Mary to understand their financial/medical needs and they are truly unbelievable. They’ve been told that a heart transplant will be $1 million PLUS and no insurance company (even good ones) will pay all the costs. Once Brea comes home, she will also be on 10-12 medications, one of which alone costs $1,500 a month! Brea will max out her insurance before she even leaves the hospital. This is an ENORMOUS legitimate financial need for the Wusterbarth family.

As the parents of another Child of Promise heart baby and their friends, the Lord has placed it on our hearts to help Mary and Danny with their ongoing financial medical needs for Brea. We have a 501c3 non-profit ministry known as High Calling Ministries, Inc. We would like to use it to enable people to give donations to the Wusterbarths and obtain a tax deductible receipt in hopes that this would encourage more donations as well as higher amounts. Companies, as well, could donate and receive a tax deductible receipt which is a great incentive. The monies donated will be paid directly to the medical bills (hospital, doctor, pharmacy, etc.).

They still have ongoing needs for money for food at the hospital (no place to store food), travel expenses for Danny and the kids every other weekend, etc. You can still help them in these ways by providing through their paypal account on an individual basis as in a previous post. (Paypal account:

However, PLEASE consider making a donation through High Calling Ministries and sharing this with your employer, churches, friends, etc. Let’s come together to help this family in such a tangible way that God is glorified through our care and love for the Wusterbarths.

Please send your donation (check preferred) noted to Brea to:
High Calling Ministries, Inc.
716 West Creek Drive
Clarksville, TN 37040

We can also accept credit card (not American Express) donations
Please call: 931-905-0796

If you also have any questions, please feel free to PM me or to call at the above number. Mary also wanted me to mention again that she cannot send email from the hospital, but thanks everyone for their notes of encouragement and prayers.

DH Mark
DS Jon 20 yrs; Tim 17 yrs
DD Jenni 14 yrs
DD Kaylin Mei Lian, 22 mos, COP, Lianyungang SWI, Jiangsu, a. 6/20/06