Update-Monday 4/16-HOW DO PANSIES TASTE? · April 16, 2007
Today is a beautiful day here in Little Rock. The skies are blue and it is nice and warm outside. Brea had two appointments today at the hospital so we walked over from the RMH. We went a little early and stopped to look at the pretty flowers and watch the little waterfall in front of the hospital. Brea got a little upset with me when I wouldn't let her get in the water Smile and was really confused when I wouldn't let her taste the pansies. I told her she could smell them and she wrinkled up her little nose and took a big deep breath and then a quick chomp before I could get to her! The little stinker spit it out...I guess pansies aren't that tasty! Wink

Brea is doing great with her occupational and physical therapy. She gets so excited when she sees all the toys and a little upset when she sees one that she wants and can't have. That tells me that she is the same toddler that she was when she got sick! Wink Today she fought off her nap and was really tired during therapy but she is a trooper and hung in there for the long haul. On the way back to the RMH she was rubbing her eyes and is now sleeping (4:44 pm) so I guess it will be a late night for us here.

I thought I'd update you on some of the children that I've asked you to pray for. Little Tanner is still hanging in there although the doctors told the family about two weeks ago that he was only going to live for a week. His kidneys are still asleep but one test shows that there is a tiny bit of urine in his bladder. Little Jalisa is still waiting on a heart. She is responding to her mothers voice with eye movement but they are still not sure how much damage there is from the stroke. Little Braden (who was having trouble breathing off the vent) was moved yesterday to the step down unit and is doing well according to his mom. I haven't seen the Hispanic lady (I wish I at least knew her name so I wouldn't have to call her that) but when I do I will somehow convey to her that so many of you are praying for her and her baby. I know that will bring her great comfort. Penny is back in the CVICU (West) and in pretty bad shape. It seems the high doses of steroids are causing problms yet they are necessary to keep her from rejecting her heart. Thank you for keeping these families and children in your prayers. I pass on your words of en

I received a call from the newspaper today. A reporter is coming in the morning to talk with me (for the second time) and she asked if it would be ok to bring a photographer. I'll let you know if she decides to do a story. Please pray that if she does, it reaches the right people who are able to make changes to help families when they find themselves in this situation. Also, please pray that all the glory be given to God for the miracle that He has given us!

I thought I'd share a few things that I've learned since I've been here...I hope you enjoy them.

1. Two months of cafeteria food equals 10 pounds and an empty wallet.
2. A single shower and two washer/dryer sets were never meant to be used by 25 people.
3. Earplugs and eye covers are priceless when living in a waiting room.
4. Despite my children's can live without TV.
5. Despite what Babies R Us tells can take care of a baby with just diapers, bottles, formula, wipes and a couple of toys. All the gear really isn't necessary...well maybe a stroller.
6. Wet diapers and BMs are highly celebrated in the CVICU by moms, dads, nurses and doctors alike!
7. Hospitals are no place to must leave the hospital to get any rest.
8. Chair beds were not designed to be comfortable...they want you to go and sleep in a real bed. It does great things for the mind and body to get a good nights sleep.
9. The coins you drop in the little bucket in the drive through at McDonald's really do make a difference.
10. And last but not least...there are still plenty of wonderful people in the world despite what we hear on the evening news.

Enjoy the photos! I'm off to blow bubbles for the peanut!

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