Brea's 2 year old check up!

I took Brea in yesterday for her 2 year old check up.  She weighed in at 20 pounds and 7.5 ounces.  She was 29.5 inches long if that is accurate since she was wiggling quite a bit and wanted nothing to do with being measured.  I felt really sorry for her.  As soon as we got inside the building (through the back door to prevent being exposed to the sick kids in the lobby) she began to cry and continue to do so until we were outside again on our way to the car.  She doesn't do that when we go to see the transplant team in Little Rock or to see her cardiologist here in Baton Rouge so it makes me wonder if the office building itself reminds her of the orphanage.  It was good to see Dr. Lucas (her pediatrician) again.  We had not seen her since 2/19 when Brea was transported to Little Rock. 

Last night  Danny and I were talking about how normal our lives are becoming.  We feel like we have the hang of drawing up and giving all Brea's medications and "germ patrol" has just become part of our regular lives.  Needless to say, we need to buy stock in Clorox wipes and Purell since we seem to be going through more of that than anything else.  Of course liquid soap and paper towels are not far from the top of my grocery list either.  If someone had told me two months ago that we would feel like we were starting to feel "normal" again this soon I would have disagreed.  It has been lots of work and we have had to educate ourselves about post transplant care, side effects of the medicines and how to keep our little peanut safe but it has all been worth it just to see her smile.  There were many times when I felt totally overwhelmed but those moments are fewer and fewer as time passes except for dealing with the laundry for a family of five...who wouldn't be overwhelmed by that?  Brea is also starting to act like her old self again.  She smiles constantly, laughs those full belly laughs again and is into everything!  Her monkey like behavior continues to be a challenge but with strategic placing of the furniture in the sun room we've been able to keep her off the breakfast bar.  She is getting stronger everyday through physical therapy and I think she will be walking before long.  Yes folks, life is starting to be routine again...thank GOD!

Goodnight from one tired but thankful mom of 3!