BIOPSY RESULTS! · July 13, 2007

The results are in...Brea is NOT rejecting her heart!  Thank the Lord!!!  She required quite a bit of sedation for the procedure so we were late getting on the road yesterday which means we were late getting in last night so I apologize for not updating the site earlier.  We drove through heavy down pours and flooded streets and our usual 7.5 hour trip took almost 9 hours.  Brooke was a big help with Brea who was VERY cranky and Baker slept for several hours thanks to his playdate with his friends Gunner and Jolie (Thanks Fara!).  We go back to Little Rock again in four weeks for a clinic appointment. 

Over the last several months I've asked you to pray for a little girl named Jalisa who was waiting for a heart at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  She had been waiting since December for a donor heart and had a Berlin heart installed the week after Brea received her new heart.  I know how hard it was for her mom to see other children get their new heart while her child waited.  She had suffered a stroke and things were not looking good for a while but I'm happy to report that JALISA HAS A NEW HEART and is doing great!  Thank you for your prayers for her and her family.  God is so good! 

The kids got to meet a real cop...yep, mommy got a speedy driver award.  I came over a hill and there he sat waiting for me.  He said the speed limit had dropped from 65 to 55 about a mile back.  I told him that I didn't see the sign but he was the "no excuses" type.  I've had one ticket in the last 20 years and he refused to give me a warning.  To top it all off...Brea was screaming at the top of her lungs and I couldn't find my insurance card!  He could have given me a ticket for that too but he didn't.  The kids were excited about seeing the Blue lights and the policeman but needless to say, I was not!

One final you remember the Beanie Babies?  Ten years ago grown women were running around town trying to find the latest bunny, bear or chicken to add to their collection and now those collections are probably long forgotten in a Rubbermaid tub under the bed like ours are.  Well, if you are hooked on all those cleaning and organization shows like I am and you are itching to get that tub out from under your bed I have a great idea for you!  When Brea entered the cath lab yesterday they gave her a beanie baby.  That little stuffed dog meant the world to her (and me) and gave her something to focus on while she was drifting off to "la la land".  When she came into recovery she was still clutching it and today it has gone everywhere she has...even the tub (thank goodness I had just turned the water on and we were able to towel dry him).  So, if you are ready to let go of your beanie babies call your local hospital (or any place that deals with kids) and find out how you can donate them.  Who of your beanie babies might just end up in the hands of a heart patient like Brea, a child going into the foster care system, a child whose mom is fleeing domestic abuse at a shelter or a child who has just been involved in a car accident.  You won't miss those stuffed toys and you'll feel a lot better about the time and money you spent collecting them.  :0)

Good night from Prairieville where the Peanut is busy emptying her toy basket onto the family room floor!  May your weekend be blessed with family, friends and sound of children playing.