Wow...what a week! · August 04, 2007

This week has been awesome!  It has rained everyday that we have been here until yesterday but it gave us some much needed down time.  We were able to sneak in a few hours here and there at the parks and have lots and lots of wonderful memories to take home with us. 

It has been so touching to sit back and watch Brooke and Baker show Brea Disney!  I think they have gotten more enjoyment out of Brea than they have the rides.  I was so worried that they might feel some resentment towards her for the time that our family was seperated but the way that they look at her puts all those fears to rest.  They look at her with such love and they are so gentle with her when they play.  Brea is a lucky little girl to have such a sweet big brother and sister.

I have to put a good word in for Disney.  We were standing in line to meet one of the characters on our 2nd visit to the park when a lady in line noticed Brea's scar and asked about it.  We told her about the transplant and her eyes filled up with tears.  She left the line and came back a few minutes later with a couple of Disney employees.  They asked us to step out of the line and to come with them.  As we were walking away the woman told us that she would be praying for Brea.  The employees took us to the front of the line and as we were meeting the characters the lady  filled out a card and gave it to us so we would not have to wait in lines with Brea.  I had already come to the conclusion that Brea and I would need to leave Danny and the kids at the park while we went back to the condo to get out of the sun.  Brea's medicines make her very sun sensitive and some of the rides (even the ones for little kids) had waits of an hour or more in the hot sun.  With the special pass, we were able to stay at the parks and were only in the sun walking from show to show or ride to ride.  Disney truly took care of Brea and we are so grateful for that.  On a side note...there were a few folks who got a little upset because we went to the front of the lines with the other hanicap patrons.  Since Brea doesn't have a visable handicap I guess they felt we were somehow "cheating" or "jumping" in line.  Trust me, I would gladly stand in line all day to ride a ride if I could change Brea's condition.   

I've had several people ask us why in the world we would visit Disney during the summer.  The short answer is that Brea's transplant cardiologist approved of Brea coming to Disney as long as we traveled before cold and flu season which begins in late September-early October and goes through April.  With the kids school schedule, summer was the only time we could come.   

I'm attaching pictures taken throughout the week.  As you can see, Brea LOVED the characters.  Her favorites are Winnie the Pooh and Minnie Mouse.  She was not afraid of them at all and as soon as they squated down to see her, she would turn around and sit in their lap!  That is huge for Brea since the only people that she will let hold her are me, Danny, Brooke and Baker. 

Today is our last day in Orlando and we've had a wonderful time.  We owe a big thank you to our neighbors Brian and Marina for caring for our house and pets and picking up our mail.  We'll see you guys tomorrow!  Tell Victoria and Nadia that Brea's walking skills have really improved and she will be running and playing with them in no time!

Please keep our family in your prayers for safe travel home.  God is so good and He has truly answered my prayers for some quality time with Danny and the kids.   

Enjoy the photos!

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