Fantastic! · September 20, 2007

Today we had our first appointment with the Duke transplant cardiologist.  After all the test results were in we saw the doctor and his exact words were..."Breann is doing fantastic!".  Her echo, EKG, x-ray and lab work all looked great.  He didn't change any of her anti-rejection drugs but did change her blood pressure medicine.  He wants to see her again at the end of November and she will have another biopsy in January!  He plans to see her every three months unless there is a problem.  Today she weighed a hefty 21 pounds and 11 ounces!  Our peanut is growing!

As I was leaving the hospital my eyes filled with tears.  Our lives have changed so much over the course of the year and we have been so imcredibly blessed.  Danny and I have always felt that our moves with his job were always for a reason and this one is no different.  God knew that the drive to and from Little Rock was taking its toll on our family and He knew that there were more resources here in North Carolina for Brea.  As tough as it was to say goodbye to our church, friends and neighbors in Baton Rouge we know that it was part of God's plan.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Brea.  We continue to take life one day at a time and we are grateful for every moment together.  We stop to smell the flowers and we laugh and play like there is no tomorrow.  Yes, our lives have changed but the change has made us appreciate each other and every moment that we have with each other. 

Goodnight from Wake Forest where dinner is not going to cook itself.  :0(