Brea went Potty and a very special letter! · November 11, 2007

We bought Brea a little potty chair and when we took it out of the box she used it!  We thought we would slowly introduce her to the idea but I guess she is smarter than we are and she knew exactly what to do!  Now the problem is keeping her clothes on her...she loves to be naked and this gives her the perfect reason to take her clothes off! 

I also wanted to share the news that we have received a letter from Brea's donor's mother.  We wrote to her shortly after the transplant but this is the first time that we have heard from her.  In her letter she tells us that her son was named Salvador and he was born on December 23rd.  She says in her letter that when she learned she was pregnant she promised God that she would raise Salvador to lead souls to Christ and that is how she chose his name.  She has had a difficult time accepting his death but she says she has come to terms with it and accepted it as God's will.  She decribes her son's personality as being calm and sweet.  He sounds so much like our little Brea.  She is a very calm, laid back child and as sweet as can be.  I am truly amazed at this match that was truly made in Heaven.  Only God could orchestrate something as complex and beautiful as this. 

Along with her letter (which was written in Spanish) came an English translation and a letter from Arora (Arkansas's organ coordination organization) with a release form for us to sign.  The release is to authorize Arora to give Salvador's mom our contact information.  She has also been asked to sign one since she is requesting to contact us directly.  We are so excited about the possibility of getting to know this special lady.  I hope that somehow we can over come the language barrier.  I would love to tell her face to face how she has changed our lives with her decision to have her son be an organ donor and I would love for her to be able to place her hand on Brea's chest and feel Salvador's heart beating inside her.  I have thought of this woman daily and prayed for her that God would comfort her and give her peace about her decision. We have signed the release and returned it to Arora along with a letter to her and a picture of Brea.  We were asked not to send a photo with our first letter so this will be the first time that she will see Brea's little face.  Please pray for continued healing for her.  I cannot imagine the loss and pain that she is feeling.  I pray the lines of communication will remain open and someday we will receive a photo of the little boy who changed all of our lives with his gift.