Hoops, Haircuts and a Heatwave! · March 18, 2009

If you've never lived in North Carolina during the month of March then you are really missing out!  The folks here take their college basketball seriously which means youth basketball is a big deal to.  Afterall, these are future college ball players in the making!  Baker played basketball this year for the first time.  He really enjoyed it and learned a lot!  Monday night was his last game and it was awesome.  It came down to the wire and both teams played well and fought hard to win.  They didn't win and advance in the tournament but I was so proud of his team!  When the game was over the team got together and the coach presented each player with a medal.  He took the time to talk to each boy and tell them their strengths, what they need to work on and what his favorite memory of this season was.  It was a great season and I think my voice might have time to recover before baseball season starts in April! 

Last week I took Brea in for a haircut.  It had grown quite long but it was stringy and looked very thin.  The beautician cut it in a cute little bob and explained to Brea that we had to cut it so it could grow.  Well, tonight while I was cooking dinner Brea decided that she wanted her hair to "grow" more so she took her preschool scissors and gave herself a haircut.  She was so proud of herself.  I cried and then pulled myself together and accessed the damage.  It is bad...very bad.  She cut it above the ear on one side and took chunks from the back and both sides.  We will be going to the beauty shop in the morning to see if they can do anything with it.  Wouldn't you pictures are next week, Easter is just around the corner and we will be taking lots of pictures this weekend at Brooke's confirmation.  I've never been a big fan of Easter hats but they are looking like a pretty good option right now.  I didn't take a photo tonight of her haircut but I will before I take her to the beauty shop in the morning.  I know someday we'll look back on this and laugh but right now my sense of humor seems to be AWOL!

The weather here has been wacky!!!  We had snow a couple of weeks ago and then last week we were in the 80s!  We spent lots and lots of time outside playing soccer, swinging, cooking out and making s'mores with the neighbors.  As soon as I decided to pull out the kids summer clothes the rain started and the tempature dropped sending us all scrambling for our jackets and favorite sweats.  Today we were back up in the 70s but a cold front was headed towards us. 

Enjoy the photos!


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Simba and Baker playing soccer
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