Photos...finally! · May 04, 2009

I know that I said I would get these photos added last week but with Brea feeling better she is keeping me on my toes!!  We went to the doctor on Thursday so they could check her hydration and her lungs and Brea was quick to tell the doctor that she is eating and drinking and that she does NOT need to go to the hospital!  It was very funny!  As soon as the doctor put she "doctor tools" down Brea was ready to go and headed for the exam room door!  She will be seen by her transplant team this Thursday at Duke so please pray for a good check up, no rejection and a lab technician that can get a vien on the first try!

Enjoy the pictures!

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Brea was feeling better on Sunday morning so the Child Life specialist at the hospital brought her some Legos to play with.
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