Wrightsville Beach, NC  · August 01, 2009

We made a trip to Baton Rouge in mid July to house hunt.  After looking at several different neighborhoods we ended up back in our old neighborhood and made an offer on a house just around the corner from our old one.  We are all set to move on August 15th so the kids can get started in school there.  The house here in Wake Forest is on the market and so far we have had a good bit of activity with several folks interested but no one able to make an offer because they all have houses to sell. 

With the wait for travel approval dragging on and on and trying to keep the house in show condition we decided last weekend that it might be fun to get away from everything for some R&R at the beach. Danny actually took a day off and we headed out Friday morning for Wrightsville Beach.  We had a great time exploring the USS NC battleship, playing in the sand, jumping waves and just spending time together as a family.  I'd love to say that it made us forget the wait for travel approval but that wouldn't be true.  We had our cell phones on just in case our agency called or we got an offer on the house but neither happened. 

We are home now and the kids and I are trying our best to stay busy (and out of the house).  We've been spending time at the pool, the park, shopping for school supplies and uniforms and we've seen all the latest kid friendly movies.  This house needs to sell soon before I run out of ways to keep them busy!  

Here are a few photos from our weekend at the beach and from an outing to a local park here in Raleigh.  Enjoy!

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Brooke checking out the oven in the ship kitchen
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