Travel Itinerary · September 18, 2006

Below is our itinerary for our trip to China.

October 11, 2006                   Arrive in Beijing via CO 895  @ 1:45 p.m.  Stay at International Hotel.


October 12, 2006                   Acrobatic show in the afternoon. 


October 13, 2006                   Visit Tiananmen Square , the Forbidden City , and Hutong Tour


October 14, 2006                   Visit Great Wall and Cloisonne Factory.


October 15, 2006                   Flight CA1231 (8:30-10:10) to Xi’an ; stay at Sheration Xi’an Hotel.  Gotcha Day!  The day we have waited for almost two years for!!!  We will meet Brea for the first time in the afternoon.


October 16, 2006                   Court-Adoption registration and notarization.


October 17, 2006                   Free day.


October 18, 2006                   Visit Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum .


October 19, 2006                   Visit Wild Goose Pagoda and Ancient Wall.


October 20, 2006                   Receive all of the documents.  Flight CZ3212 (15:40-17:55) to Guangzhou .  Stay at the White Swan Hotel. 


October 21, 2006                   Visa pictures and medical exam for Brea.  All babies adopted internationally must have a medical exam before entering the USA.


October 22, 2006                   Free day.


October 23, 2006                   Visa appointment.  


October 24, 2006                   3:00 p.m.  Consulate Appointment at the US Embassy.  This is where Brea will receive the paperwork that will make her a citizen of the USA.  She will become a citizen once our plane touches down in America and her feet touch the ground for the first time.


October 25, 2006                   Flight CZ3101 to Beijing .   Connecting flight CO88 to Newark.  Connect in Newark to new Orleans.  Arrive in New Orleans at 10PM central time.  Brea will meet her brother and sister for the first time and our family of 5 will finally be complete.