Check ups, Haircuts and Mardi Gras! · January 07, 2010

The morning started with the mad rush to get everyone where they needed to be on time.  Baker was the first at school and then Brea.  The next stop was the pediatrician's office for Bailey and Brooke's check ups. 

Today was Bailey's 3 year old check and she did great!  She weighed in at 26.4 pounds and measured 36 inches tall!  Her doctor could hear her ASD and said it was loud but since we've already had it checked by the cardiologist it wasn't of any concern.  Developmentally she is right on track.  Her speech is coming along nicely and she is speaking in English in complete sentences after being home for only 4 months!  She had to have three shots and her little legs are sore tonight but it is nothing that a little mommy love and Motrin won't fix.

Today was also Brooke's 13 year old check up.  She had to have a chicken pox booster shot but other than that she got a clean bill of health!

This afternoon all three girls had appointments to get their hair cut.  Brea went first because Bailey was a little nervous.  She loved sitting in the big chair and looking at her long locks in the mirror.  She is all girl!!!  Bailey went next and she was not an excited as Brea about the experience.  She sat quietly while her hair was combed and trimmed but the look of concern on her face was obvious.  Brooke was last and both of the little girls looked on as the beautician combed Brooke's long hair.  Brea really wants long hair like her big sister so watching some of it get cut off was a bit painful for her.  Needless to say...the beauty shop will never be the same!  Brea and Bailey decided to make a slide out of the shampoo chair and every magazine in the place now has little finger prints on it.  Thankfully, we were the only ones there so they were not disturbing anyone and the ladies in the shop played with them and encouraged some of the behavior that mommy was trying to discourage (the sliding on the shampoo chair).

Tonight Bailey experienced her very first king cake.  The kids love Mardi Gras and when the local Wal-Mart started putting decorations up the day after Christmas, the kids began to beg for a king cake so a king cake is exactly what we had for dessert tonight!  The little ones were so tempted to stick their fingers in the purple, green and gold frosting but they resisted the urge when I promised them the beads if they kept their fingers out! 

We are really enjoying teaching Bailey about all the holidays and traditions that our family enjoys.  Christmas was our first big holiday with Bailey and after weeks of reading her the Christmas story she is finally able to tell the story to us.  She is still singing Christmas songs and we love every second of it.  From now until Ash Wednesday we will be talking about Mardi Gras and what it means.  The kids actually get a few days off from school here to celebrate Mardi Gras so we will attend a few family friendly parades and I'm sure by the end of carnival season she will be a pro at telling the story of Mardi Gras to! 

Here are a few pictures from our busy day.  Enjoy!

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26.4 pounds at three years old!
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