Back to school for Brooke and Baker and Brea goes to kindergarten! · September 06, 2010

A new school year is in full swing and life at the Wusterbarth household is busier than ever!  Brooke started 8th grade on August 11th and she loves it.  She is on the school dance team this year and she loves it!  She likes all of her classes despite the fact that she only has one class with her best friend Brooke Hillman.

Baker is in the 6th grade this year and he is now over at the middle school with Brooke.  He is in the school band and learning to play the tuba.  He is also learning to juggle having so many teachers and keeping them all happy.  He isn't the most organized person so he has had a tough time adjusting to life as a middle schooler. 

Brea started kindergarten on August 12th!!!  The first few weeks have been tough.  She loves her school and teacher but she doesn't understand why she has to go every day and why she has to stay so long.  I think she thought it was going to be the same days and hours as preschool.  It didn't take her long to figure out that they call your mommy if you are not feeling well so for several days she suddenly didn't feel well after lunch and wanted her teacher to call her mommy.  She finally admitted that she was getting a little sleepy after lunch and that she missed her mommy a whole bunch and that is why she wasn't feeling well.  Her teacher and aide have been absolutely wonderful to work with.  They promised me when we went to "meet the teacher" night that they would love her and care for her as if she were their own child.  I can't tell you what a relief that is!  Now when Brea starts to not feel well after lunch her teachers give her hugs and distract her and in no time she is feeling better.  God really answered my prayers when I asked Him for loving, Godly women as the kids teachers this year. 

Bailey will begin 3 year old preschool tomorrow (9/7/10).  She will be attending a church preschool close to our home.  She is so excited and I hope she still feels that way when we get there in the morning.  She will have French, Art, Music, PE and chapel every week and her teacher has decorated her classroom with panda bears...Bailey's favorite!  She doesn't understand why she can't wear a uniform to school like her sisters and brother but hopefully when she sees that the other children are not in uniform she will decide that not wearing a uniform isn't so bad after all.  (I have added photos from Bailey's first day of preschool...enjoy!)

All three girls are in dance this year!  This is Brooke's 11th year, Brea's 3rd year and Bailey's 1st year.  Brooke and Brea are as happy as can be in their new dance classes but Bailey isn't so sure yet.  She doesn't cry when we get there and she goes into her room willingly but her teacher said she just stands on her X and doesn't do anything at all.  I'm hoping she'll start to feel more comfortable soon and will start to participate.  If not we'll try again next year unless she decides that she doesn't want to do it or expresses an interest in something different.  She is one tough cookie so I wouldn't be surprised if she decides to take up wrestling or boxing.  :0)

Baker is playing tackle football this year!  His team is called the Dutchtown Mighty Griffins and he is playing center most of the time.  They practice three nights a week and play their games on Saturdays.  He loves it even though he thinks one of the coaches (his dad) is harder on him than any of the other boys.  :0)  So far his team has won all their games with the last game going into overtime! 

Well, thats about all that is going on at the Wusterbarth house these days...homework, dance and football plus all the other regular activities like church, chores and mass chaos!  Yes, life is good and we are blessed beyond measure by God the Father.  Wishing you and yours many blessing as your summer comes to an end and a new season begins.