Baoji Train Station · January 29, 2007

As many of you know, our precious Brea was found in a train car at the Baoji Train Station.  When we went to China we stayed in the capital city of Xian which is about two hours from Baoji.  We requested a visit to the orphanage and the train station but were strongly discouraged by the director and our guide who both said it was a long trip and the roads were bad.  Recenly another family traveled to China to bring their child home from the same orphanage and they did make the trip to Baoji by taxi and took some photos of the train station and the platform.  It seems that abandoning a baby in a train car is pretty common.  I guess the birthmother knows that the infant will be found and it is her final act of love for her child.  I can't imagine how hard it must be for her to walk off that train knowing that she is leaving her precious child behind for a total stranger to find.  I pray that God somehow gives Brea's birthmother a sense of peace that she was found and is now with her forever family here in America.

Here are the photos of the train station and platform.  The station is the building with the three signs on top (Blue).  The platform is the second picture with the Green train car on the right.  Somehow seeing these photos and knowing that MY child was found there makes the tragedy of China's little girls more real than ever.  Brea was one of the lucky ones...her birthmother loved her and risked being caught to leave her in a public place where she would be found.  Other babies are not so lucky.  Please pray for all of these children that they will not only be found alive but that they will find their way to their forever family.

On a final note...I've really agonized over sharing Brea's story of how she came to be an orphan in China but have decided that it is important for me to share it in hopes of educating people about the orphan population in China and the desperate need for prayer for these children.  It is a very personal choice for each adoptive family and should be respected when families choose not to share such information.  Thank you for respecting the choices of others who do not care to share it with everyone.  As Brea gets older she may choose to not share her story of abandonment and if so, we will honor that wish and talk about it only with her.

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Baoji Train Station (Long signs on top)
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